kohls credit card activation

Kohl’s Credit Card Activation Process One by One

Kohl’s Credit Card provided with what is needed or required to customers with secured login portal which is very useful to customers.

Kohl’s Credit Card  Activation Process One by One 1

 The Kohl’s Credit Card is also known as Kohl’s Charge Card,even though the users can carry balance with it as that of normal credit card and it also offers different kind of reward packages for its customers.

Why Kohl’s Credit/Charge Card?

There are multiple benefits of using Kohl’s Credit Card for different transactions.Some of them are as follows:

  • No annual fee: This means that there is no additional maintenance charge attached to the Kohl’s charge.
  • Cardholders get a 25% cash back offer at their first purchase using the Kohl’s charge card.
  • Kohl’s cardholders have access to exclusive cash back and rewards program.
  • cardholders get a notification 

Kohl’s Credit Card Activation

Kohl’s Credit Card is sent to you inactive at the beginning as that of other bank credit cards.It is to protect you possibly from your identity theft.You need to activate the Kohl’s Credit card inorder to be able to use it.

Kohl’s Credit Card  Activation Process One by One 2

Kohl’s Credit Card Activation Methods

  1. Kohl’s Credit Card  Activation via Online
  2. Kohl’s Credit Card Activation via Phone Call
  3. Kohl’s Credit Card  Activation via Visiting Kohls Store

1.Kohl’s Credit Card Activation via Online

If users want to activate the Kohl’s Card Online, then firstly the users should have an online account.

And if you don’t have an online account then you have to register for an online account.

Quick Steps:

  1. For Kohl’s Credit Card activation online,visit the official website of Kohl’s.
  2. Then you  will find an option Account on the top rightmost part of the navbar in the Kohl’s official website.Click on the Account option.
Kohl’s Credit Card  Activation Process One by One 3
  1. After clicking on Account option ,you will be given three options.Now you will have to click on “My Kohls Charge”.
Kohl’s Credit Card  Activation Process One by One 4
  1. You will be redirected to a new page where you need to go “Register Now” and enter the credit card number of 12 digits and click on submit.
Kohl’s Credit Card  Activation Process One by One 5
  1.  Now, you will need to create a username and password combining uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. These are case-sensitive. You will be asked the security question if you ever forget your username or password. Don’t forget to input your current email address.
  2.  After creating a username and password, you will be required to choose a security question and provide an answer to it.
  3. Click “Submit“ button to complete the registration. To verify the registration, open your email address and click the link provided
  4. Now that you have your online account set up and running, you can log in using your username and password. After that, you can  activate yours Kohls charge card by opening “Account Summary” and click “Activate Now”, which is the green button on the upper part of the page.
  5. Click “Ok“ and you will be taken away from the “Account Activated” window. After some time, your card will be activated.

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2.Kohl’s Card Activation via Phone Call

Alternative of activating the Kohl’s Card Activation is via a phone call. You need to have the information such as credit card number,social security number and so on.

Quick Steps:

  1. You need to call the customer care number of Kohl’s : (800)-954-0244.     
  2. After that, you need to hear the auto prompt voice carefully and choose an option for the activation of the Kohl’s Credit Card.
  3. Once you connect with the Customer Care Officer of Kohl’s, share your private details and card details.
  4. After you provide all the necessary details and completion of all the works your Kohl’s Credit  Card will be activated soon.

3. Kohl’s Credit Card Activation via visiting Kohl’s store

It is possible that you may use the Kohl’s credit card immediately without going through a series of steps in online or in a phone call activation process.

All you need to do is visit your nearest Kohl’s stores branch to make a purchase. Once you make the payment, your card will be activated in a simple and easy way.


Finally, I hope that you have got some ideas about  the methods of activating KOhl’s Credit Card and hope that it will help you a lot in activating the Kohl’s Credit Card.

Mainly you can activities Kohl’s Credit Card in tree ways.They are as follows:

-Activation via online

-Activation via phone call

-Activation via visiting the nearest kohl’s store.

If you still have some queries about the activation of Kohl’s Credit Card ,do let me know in the comment section.