Barclay Card Activation |Activate Account Simple Way

Well have you recently applied for the barclay credit card or debit card? Today in this article i will explain you exactly the process of BarclayCard Activation.

I will be taking you through both the credit card and debit card activation process one by one  

Barclaycard Activation Methods

Following are the different ways in which you can activate your barclaycard.

Barclay card activation through the phone number 

Inorder to activate your barclaycard you have a very good option of calling to the barclaycard activation number.

Custom number is: 00 44 24 7684 2100

Once you make a call to the card activation customer care no. 

You need to call them with the registered number which you have had given to them at the time of applying for the card

 The following are the steps that happen once you call them to activate your Barclaycard. 

  • You call them on the activation no that i have given above that is (00 44 24 7684 2100) 
  • Select the language you are comfortable with 
  • Give them the information they are looking for.
  • Verify your identity in a way they expect you. 
  • Before calling them make sure that you have all the personal and those details of the application form that you have given to while applying for the card 
  • Once everything is done you get notification on your phone that your BarclayCard  has successfully been activated. 

BarclayCard activation though Onine @barclaycard/activate at 

There is another way by which you can acitvate your barclay card. That is by online activation.

Following are the steps to Barclaycard activate online

Click on the activation link here given

Barclay Card Activation |Activate Account Simple Way 1

You see the screen lik aboce 

Right now I hope you are new so click on Activate my card new at the squared button on above picture 

Once you click there you reach to another window which tells you to verify your identity 

The screen looks like below:

Barclay Card Activation |Activate Account Simple Way 2

Once you click on continue your  and after completing all the processes successfully your card will be activated automatically.


I hope you have learned today how to activate your Barclay Credit card online and by using card activation phone number. 

Thank you for reading … 

If you have any doubt comment below i will help you out personally